Founder Reading – Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

GROWTH: Shane Murphy-Reuter, SVP of Marketing at Intercom, shares learnings from his experience in taking their product upmarket which includes, the importance of consistency in messaging, how to navigate the journey to upmarket, how to instill change in a fast-moving, high-performing team and more: How we’re building a marketing engine to move upmarket

SAAS: Brooke Goodbary, Customer Success Consultant at Intercom, discusses how professional services and customer success should work together in SaaS startups, and further explains how to use such services to increase sales, lower churn, deliver long-term value to the customer and more: Professional Services and Customer Success in SaaS Startups

HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: Gloria Lin, Head of Product at Flipboard, shares the rigorous approach she used to find potential co-founders, and presents the questions she asked to probe compatibility more deeply: The Founder Dating Playbook – Here’s the Process I Used to Find My Co-Founder

PRODUCT: Bryton Shang, Founder of Aquabyte, shares learnings uncovered during the early stages of building Aquabyte, and further discusses the key drivers to find the right product market fit which included doing things that don’t scale, looking for solutions to real problem of an underserved industry and more: 3 signposts on the road to product market fit

CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Melissa Rosen, Content Creator at Groove, provides tips for founders on managing customer service which include setting unified cultural directions, deep understanding of the metrics, hiring a lead before hiring reps, sharing customer service goals and more: Customer Service Tips for Small Business Owners and Startup Founders

FUNDRAISING: Sid Krommenhoek, Co-Founder of Zinch, shares thoughts and insights on the importance of understanding the dynamics behind first venture check into a startup, and makes the argument that founders need to dig into VC dynamics while in their fundraising process: Understand the Dynamics of Your First Venture Dollars

GROWTH: Margot Whitney, Content Marketing Specialist at WordStream, provides insights on how to address key challenges PPC managers face when marketing B2B products, and recounts the lessons learned from various WordStream customers who run AdWords campaigns for SAAS startups: 3 Lessons Learned from PPC Advertisers in the B2B Software Industry

CULTURE: Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot, on the common pitfalls faced when building company culture which include the assumption that everyone in the company is on the same page, confusing perks for culture, mismanaging team leaders, focusing solely on growing profits and more: Building Company Culture: Katie Burke on What Most Businesses Get Wrong