Founder Reading – Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

GROWTH: Paul Levine of Sapphire VC highlights the increasing CAC marketers are facing on established platforms (ex. Google, Facebook) and provides alternatives for profitable and scalable growth in: “The Do’s and Don’ts of Sustainable Consumer Startup Growth | Sapphire Ventures”

STRATEGY: Sammy Abdullah of Blossom Street ventures provides learnings from a SaaS company they invested in that recently exited in: “The story of a successful SaaS exit”

SALES: Nalanie Nath of Insight Partners on how to vet sales talent and onboard them effectively in: “Can You Improve Sales Rep Performance? Yes, Start With Hiring and Onboarding”

SALES: Amy Volas, Founder of Avenue Talent Partners, provides actionable advice on closing enterprise sales customers in: “THE ENTERPRISE SALES PROCESS I’VE — USED TO CLOSE $100,000,000+”

ORGANIZATION: Will Larson, former engineering team lead at Digg, Uber and now Stripe, dives deep into how to size and structure your technical team in: “How to Size and Assess Teams From an Eng Lead at Stripe, Uber and Digg”

ORGANIZATION: Nis Frome of Alpha surveyed >300 decision managers to discover their most significant challenges and decision-making strategies and get insights into what team size contributes to the best outcomes in: “This is the perfect team size for innovation according to 300+ decision-makers”

SASS: Ben Johnson of Proof unpacks three learnings about how to approach churn from his experience at YC in: “What Y Combinator Taught Proof About Churn”