Founder Reading – Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

GROWTH: Intercom provides a framework for creating your onboarding strategy, how to show users continuous value so they stick around for the long-term, how to design your onboarding flow and narrative and more in: “Announcing The Second Edition Of ‘Intercom on Onboarding’”

STRATEGY: Elad Gil, serial entrepreneur and investor, contrasts four distinct types of pivots, advises on when you should shut and restart vs pivot, and provides important areas of focus during a pivot in: “A Brief Guide To Startup Pivots”

GROWTH: Beth Carter of GoSquared outlines one of the key blockages that keep free-tier users from becoming fully paid up users, and how to get around it in: “Freemium Conversion Issues? Why You Need To Address The Penny Gap”

GROWTH: Hiten Shah of Openview Partners on who should be responsible for revenue at product-led companies, how you should do marketing and sales differently, and more in : “Product-Led Companies – Why And How They Work”

GROWTH: Ashvin Vaidyanathan of Gainsight provides four customer success metrics that are not often tracked, but should be in” “Four Customer Success Metrics You’re Not Watching (But Should)”