Founder Reading – Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

PRICING: Harry Alford of Humble Ventures walk through how to find the maximum price customers are willing to pay in: “How To Measure Your Customers’ Willingness To Pay”

PRICING:S The SAAS CFO helps us learn how to effectively price sales discounts in multi-year SaaS contracts in: “How to Price Discounts in Multi-year SaaS Contracts”

FUNDRAISING: Godard Abel, 2x exits and founder and CEO of G2, provides lessons learned on what to look for in an investor in: “G2’s CEO Godard Abel on Getting the Best Investors Around the Table”

PRODUCT: Jesse Ceasar, independent consultant who has worked with companies like Amazon and Gatorade, gives a comprehensive overview of qualitative market research and the kinds of questions that qual, uniquely, can shed light on. He outlines practical advice for how startups can choose the right methodologies to suit their product and set up their research for success in: “Why Qualitative Market Research Belongs in Your Startup Toolkit — and How to Wield it Effectively”

CONTENT: Jason Lemkin, Founder of Saastr, on how to drive traffic from Quora in: “New Podcast with Quora: “Going From 2 to 45 Million Views in 5 Years””

STRATEGY:  Ryan Moore of Openview Partners covers the definition of disruptive innovation, and gives examples of disruptive innovations in: “11 Disruptive Innovation Examples (And Why Uber and Tesla Don’t Make the Cut)”