Founder Reading – Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

FUNDRAISING: Nathan Beckord, CEO of, shares how Jessica Chang, founder of SaaS platform WeeCare, raised $4.2 million seed round for just a few weeks in:How the Founder of “SaaS for Daycare” Raised a $4.2 Million Seed Round — While Barely Using Her Pitch Deck

ACQUISITIONS: Sammy Abdullah, Co-founder of Blossom Street Ventures, outlines the successful acqui-hire exit of Trill Travel to Lonely Planet, and shares the lessons learned by Trill’s founder Eric Shepard from his experience in:  Learnings from the acqui-hire of a travel startup

GROWTH: Reid Hoffman and Josh McFarland, Partners at Greylock, outline the rationale for the blitzscaling set of growth practices and the counterintuitive rules necessary to scale up in: Blitzscaling From Startup to Scaleup

HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: Mike Boufford, CTO at Greenhouse, shares thoughts on why engineering leaders should put emphasis about healthy and unhealthy turnover instead of aiming for zero regrettable attrition, and explains how he crafted a culture that made engineers want to stay in: Why This Engineering Leader Thinks You Shouldn’t Aim for Zero Regrettable Attrition.

PRODUCT: Robert Munro of Medium shares thoughts and insights on how product managers could ensure more feedback from diverse stakeholders during PR FAQ product process in: Driving Diverse Product Feedback at your Company

SALES: Dave Kellogg, Former CEO of Host Analytics, highlights the topics he presented during a summit with sales and marketing executives including selling solutions, sales forecasting and more in: Slides From My Presentation at a Private Equity S&M Summit

SAAS: Tomasz Tunguz, Venture Capitalist at Redpoint, provides the key metrics for SaaS startups to understand and present the health of their company in: REDPOINT SAAS STARTUP KEY METRICS TEMPLATE