Founder Reading – Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

GROWTH: Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman and Blitzscaling co-author Chris Yeh share practical details of how entrepreneurs can aggressively grow their organizations in:  The Strategy Of Blitzscaling

PRODUCT: Tristan Kromer, founder of Kromatic, shares thoughts on the significance of an after-action report (AAR) or the capacity to learn from past mistakes, and details the types of AAR in a lean startup environment in: Learning as We Go with the Power of Retrospectives

PRODUCT: Min Wang shares thoughts on creating solutions to challanging problems, and covers why that product managers need to make sure all factors are taken care of to provide maximum customer satisfaction It’s Not About How Cool the Solution Is, It’s About Solving the Problem

HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: Keith Rabois, managing partner at Khosla Ventures, shares the lessons he learned in building great teams, and discusses why team composition matters startup success in: Top Lessons in Building Great Teams from Khosla Ventures (Video + Transcript)

GROWTH: Anthony Kennada, CMO at Gainsight, shares how he built a company, and talks about category creation in the B2B space in: So You Want To Create A Category. Here’s What Gainsight’s CMO Says You Should Do.

STRATEGY: Eric Friedman, investment team at Union Square Ventures, shares the type of forcing functions he believes to be effective when dealing with situations like fundraising, hiring or sales/partnership opportunity in: Forcing Functions

FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Henrique Dubugras, co-founder and CEO of Brex shares thoughts about underwriting, product development philosophy and recruiting in” IVP’s Hyper-Growth Podcast with Co-Founder and CEO of Brex, Henrique Dubugras

FUNDRAISING: Rob Go, co-founder and partner at NextView, shares tips and suggestions about creating a supportive investor base for a typical institutional seed round in: Building the Best Seed Syndicates