Founder Reading – Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

INVESTOR INTERVIEW: Matt Harris, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, gives thoughts on why valuation and market size are not the most important considerations at Series A, how seeing the boom and bust of the dot com impacted his investing mindset, what are the acceptable risks and unacceptable risks for founders and more: The Twenty Minute VC

ORGANIZATION: Alexander Buchberger of senovoVC discusses the key personas that are crucial in scaling and growing a B2B SaaS start-up, and makes the argument that setting up decent recruitment processes is one of the keys to achieve high growth: B2B SaaS: the right Org Structure at the right Stage

EXITS: Sammy Abdullah, Co-Founder of Blossom Street Ventures, recounts the lessons learned by Doxly Founder Haley Altman in managing a successful SaaS exit to Litera, and explains the importance of strategic help in such exit, how they handled fundraising and more: Lessons from Doxly – a successful SaaS exit

FUNDRAISING: David Beisel, Co-Founder at NextView Ventures, discusses the ideal flow for a seed stage pitch, specifically how to approach or ask potential investors about the amount of capital founder’s need to raise, and explains why enumerating the startup’s funding history to date and having a stage roadmap are important factors: Pitch Deck Month: The “Ask” Slide

FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Patrick Campbell, CEO of ProfitWell, shares the peaks and valleys of bootstrapping ProfitWell over seven years, including making $0 in one year, building a consulting model to help sell Price Intelligently, managing product/market fit and more: Lessons from 7+ Years of Bootstrapping ProfitWell with Patrick Campbell