Founder Reading – Tuesday, October 1st, 2019

COMPETITION: Marie Prokopets, Co-Founder of Product Habits and FYI, makes the argument that competitors should not be ignored, and further explains that competitor research is one key to learning how to cater to your customer’s problems, wants, needs and desires: Why you shouldn’t ignore your competitors

PRODUCT: Jenny Wolochow, Senior Product Manager at Coursera, and Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder of Pendo, discuss how to use data to your advantage when roadmapping and building products: This is Product Management: 217 Making Data-Informed Decisions is Product Management

MARKETING: Shanelle Mullin of Conversion XL on how to strategically segment an audience, the typical challenges entrepreneurs face, core categories to segment potential customers and more:
Audience Segmentation: Where Do You Start?

EXITS: Bram Berkowitz, Content Strategy Lead at GoingVC, on why Zumper purchased NowRenting, a web-based software platform that automates rental process, and further explains how focusing on core product and technology can lead to an exit:Startups Should Focus On Their Core Technology Instead of Strictly Users

INVESTOR INTERVIEW: Brad Feld, Managing Director of Foundry Group, shares thoughts on why market size at early stage is not helpful in evaluating an investment opportunity, how the best VCs work for their CEOs, what entrepreneurs must understand with regards to market cycle dynamics and more:The Twenty Minute VC Venture Capital, Startup Funding, The Pitch

GROWTH: William Steward of Cobloom discusses the key stages of SaaS product growth, how those stages are defined, what they mean for sales and marketing strategy and more: THE 4 KEY STAGES OF SAAS PRODUCT GROWTH