Founder Reading – Tuesday, May 27th

STRATEGY: Geoff Ralston, President of Y Combinator, is interviewed by 20 Minute VC and touches on everything from what he looks for in founders, to when you know you have the right idea, to balancing vision and mission and more in: “Y COMBINATOR’S NEW PRESIDENT, GEOFF RALSTON”

STRATEGY: Andrew Chen of a16z provides a perspective on when seemingly dumb ideas can become high growth companies in: “The Dumb Idea Paradox: Why great ideas often start out by sounding dumb”

STRATEGY: Founders tend to overestimate the likelyhood that a large established tech company will move into their space. Jason Lemkin of SaStr explains the dynamics of why this happens less often than we would expect in: “Why Tiny Start-Ups Can Still Beat The Big Guys. Hint: It’s Not Because Your Team Is Smarter or Better”

PRICING: How do you approach pricing your MVP? Joe Procopio, serial entrepreneur, answers that question and more in: “How to Price Your Minimum Viable Product”