Founder Reading – Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

DESIGN: Alex Gilev of Openview Partners provides a guide on what UX Strategy is and how founders can successfully implement it in “UX Strategy: The CEO Guide to Crafting a Winning Customer Experience | OpenView Labs

DESIGN: Intercom on how content effects user onboarding, and how founders can provide excellent first experiences in “A content-first approach to product onboarding | Inside Intercom

STRATEGY: Alex Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur of Strategyzer describe the “Portfolio Map” as a tool to understand the evolution of a company’s business model over its lifecycle by measuring risk vs return “Business Model Evolution Using the Portfolio Map

GROWTH: Patrick Cambell of Profitwell synthesizes Brian Balfour’s speech on the importance and strategy of targeting a niche customer group when launching a product in “New Product Launch Strategy: 5 Steps to A Successful Product Launch

FUNDRAISING: Thomasz Tunguz from Redpoint Ventures outlines three recent trends in fundraising opportunities for founders (e.g. diversity of product offering, pricing sophistication, and efficiency of investment processes) in “The Fundraising Environment in 2019 – Three Major Shifts

SALES: Steli Efti of on how to offboard sales reps after parting ways on both good, and bad terms in “Sales team management: How to offboard a sales rep the right way