Founder Reading – Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

GROWTH: Jonathan Kim, Founder of Appcues, explains how to provide intentional onboarding to deliver value, provide support, and improve ease of use for your customers in: “The Power of Intentional Onboarding for Product-Led Companies”

STRATEGY: Andrew Chen of Andreessen Horowitz provides insight into how venture capitalists make money, and how those dynamics affect founders in: “Why startups are hard — the math of venture capital returns tells the story”

PRODUCT: Ross Yesikov, software product manager at Pandora and former hardware product manager at Cisco, shares his perspective on the differences and similarities in managing Hardware vs Software, B2B vs B2C, and more in: “Pandora Sr PM: Hardware or Software Product Managers?”

MANAGEMENT: Sammy Abdullah of Blossom Street Ventures breaks down the option pool of one of the companies BSV invested in and reminds founders of 4 benefits to giving employees attractive options in: “Giving stock options to employees”