Founder Reading – Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

STRATEGY: Jeremy Liew, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, makes the argument that product innovation is a fleeting advantage in beating a competitor in a two-sided marketplace in: Product innovation is not enough to beat a competitor’s network effects

FUNDRAISING: Sammy Abdullah, Co-Founder of Blossom Street Ventures, looks on the aftermath of raising too much VC money for a SaaS business citing the failure of Moz as an example in: The aftermath of raising too much cash

FUNDRAISING: Micah Rosenbloom, Managing Partner at Founder Collective, explains why financial model at the early stage is important to investors and argues that its importance in understanding the main drivers of a business, its strengths, weaknesses, dynamics and more in: Why do VCs Really Want to See Your Financial Model?

PRODUCT: Brittni Bowering, Head of Brand at AJ&Smart, shares results and analysis on a week-long experiment in running iterations after product design sprints in: Design sprints need iteration

STRATEGY: David Cancel, CEO, and Founder of Drift, shares thoughts on Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet’s mental model known as the Circle of Competence, and gives advice to entrepreneurs on applying it in: Finding Your Own Circle of Competence: The Difference Between What You Think You Know and What You Actually Know.

STRATEGY: Devon Maloney of Slack explains the significance of organizational effectiveness as a measurement for company success, and cites the steps leaders can take to position their company for more efficient performance in: Organizational effectiveness: the X factor for company success