Founder Reading – Monday, July 1st, 2019

MINDSET: Sachin Rekhi, Founder and CEO of Notejoy, recounts how applying the concept of growth mindset help him upgrade his work and life, and discusses practices and attitudes that became essential elements of his own growth like spending an hour learning every day, memorializing praise and rejection and more in: How I Redesigned My Work and Life Around a Growth Mindset

FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Steven Galanis, Founder and CEO of Cameo, gives advice to startup founders on internal scaling, how to extract as much value from investor base as possible, the concept of hiring 6 months ahead of time and more in: 20VC: CAMEO’S STEVEN GALANIS ON WHY YOU MUST FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR MISSION NOT YOUR PRODUCT, HOW TO EXTRACT AS MUCH VALUE FROM YOUR INVESTOR BASE AS POSSIBLE & SHOULD YOU REALLY HIRE FOR 6 MONTHS AHEAD OF WHAT YOU NEED?

GROWTH: Tim Jackson, Seed VC at, explains why VCs care about growth, and discusses the ways to increase the growth rate of an startup which include building a product that people really want, raising enough funding to pay the team, building in-house technology and more in: How To Turn A Low-Growth Startup Into A High-Growth Startup

FUNDRAISING: Elizabeth Yin, Co-Founder of Hustle Fund, shares thoughts and insights on how to find angel and close investors which include planting the seed in the head of potential investors that you are open to an investment, figuring out how to tie your story to something that investors want and more in: How to close angel investors

SALES: Sammy Abdullah, Co-Founder of Blossom Street Ventures, shares the best practices of a SaaS business sales team which include letting the sales rep travel (for $20k ARR clients and above), paying the sales team well, offering re-onboarding to big customers as often and more in: Structuring your SaaS sales team

FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Max Levchin, Co-Founder and CEO of Affirm, shares how Affirm was a product of HVF (Hard, Valuable, Fun), and talks about diversity and inclusion, distributed teams, working smart vs. working hard and more in: Founder Real Talk Episode #25 With Max Levchin, Co-founder & CEO of Affirm

SAAS: David Appel, Head of the SaaS Vertical at Sage Intacct, and Michael Brown, Founder and Managing Partner at Bowery Capital, discuss on how founders and sales teams can increase lead volume through customer segmentation, the challenges when considering such practice of segmentation and more in: BC Startup Sales Podcast – Increasing Leads Through Customer Segmentation with David Appel (Sage Intacct)

CULTURE: Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot, explains why skeptics are key to building a solid culture within an organization, and makes the argument that embracing feedback from skeptics is a way to ultimately grow and make the organization better in: KATIE BURKE OF HUBSPOT ON EMBRACING THE SKEPTICS