Founder Reading – Thursday, September 26th, 2019

STRATEGY: Kat Mañalac and Gustaf Alströmer, Partners at Y Combinator, cover how startups should think about launching, why launch continuously, how to measure product-market fit, why make decisions using A/B testing and more: Startup School Week 4 Recap – Kat Mañalac and Gustaf Alströmer

GROWTH: Corey Haines, Head of Growth at Baremetrics, discusses the components of every growth strategy, and provides a framework for designing a holistic growth strategy: The Four Components Of Every Growth Strategy

FUNDRAISING: Tyler Hollenbeck of The Venture Alley provides an overview of a standard venture financing timeline, and further explains the main work streams involved in closing a venture round which include diligence materials, investors’ rights agreement, compliance certificate and more: How Long Should it Take to Close my Venture Financing?

GROWTH: Insight Venture Partners shares thoughts and insights on how high growth organizations are using account-based strategy to drive success, the resources and tactics businesses use and value in their account-based initiatives, the things best-performing account-based organizations are doing differently and more: Driving Revenue Growth By Adopting an Account Based Strategy

STRATEGY: Sammy Abdullah, Co-Founder at Blossom Street Ventures, makes the argument that first to market does not create long term strategic value, and supports his reasoning with what happened to Pandora as a dominant player in streaming after it was launched in 2005 but eventually its stock prices languished for years: First to market isnt worth much