Founder Reading – Thursday, June 6th, 2019

LEADERSHIP: Phin Barnes of First Round Capital noticed that many of the highest performing CEOs he’s worked with ruthlessly prioritize their tasks. He connects the act of prioritizing to confidence and the eventual success in: “Self-confidence is the foundation of focus — to get more done, take time for yourself”

GROWTH: Satyen Sangani and Stephanie McReynolds, CEO an SVP of Marketing at Alation, have been credited with creating the “data catalog” category by Forrester Research. They share the top three lessons they learned by being the first to bring a data catalog to market in: “How To Create And Secure A Category”

GROWTH: Sumyukthaa Sankar and Vikram Bhaskaran, Product Marketer and Director of Marketing respectively at Chargebee, define what Revs Ops is, and why it is an important role for startups to hire for in: “RevOps: The new function brewing in your org that you didn’t name yet”

STRATEGY: Abde Tambawala, Head of Business Strategy, Operations and Monetization at Atlassian, breaks down why even successful companies can benefit from a pricing change, how to create a framework to make data-driven pricing decisions and how their product-led growth approach affects their overall strategy in: “Making Better Business Decisions Faster at Atlassian [Podcast]”

SALES: Sammy Abdullah of Blossom Street Ventures provides the main lessons of the book “Hire Right, Higher Profits”, along with commentary on why industry experience is over-rated in B2B sales hiring, the rule of five, why failure in B2B sales hiring is high and more in: “Improve B2B sales hiring”

SALES: Josh Bean, Product Marketing Manager at Base, provides a high-level overview of what sales pipeline management is, the tools and metrics to consider and more in: “Guide to the sales pipeline”