Founder Reading – Thursday, June 13th, 2019

FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Tracy Young, co-founder and CEO of PlanGrid, shares thoughts on how she got into the construction industry, and details her company’s sales process, product breakthroughs hiring process and more in: Tracy Young on Scaling PlanGrid to 400+ People with YC Partner Kat Manalac
 GROWTH: Jonathan Lehr, founder of @NYETM, discusses the go-to-market tactics that enterprise founder needs to know such as getting to “go to market fit,” the puffer fish effect, customer sequencing and more in: 8 Go-To-Market Tactics Every Enterprise Founder Needs to Know (That Can’t Be Found on Blogs)
 GROWTH: Matt Duczeminski, a freelance B2B blogger, shares thoughts on customer retention strategies like promoting rewards programs for dedicated customers, offering a variety of options to pay for products and services and more in: How To Grow Your Business Using Smart Customer Retention Strategies
 PRICING: Mike Walsh, head of marketing at Reflektive, explains the significant role of sales reps throughout a pricing change, how to think about pricing as a competitive advantage and more in: Hypergrowth Pricing Strategies from the Trenches [Podcast]
 SAAS: Patrick Campbell, CEO of ProfitWell, shares learnings from Kristen Craft’s (Chief Revenue Officer of Tettra) experience moving her product from having a free pricing tier to freemium. Patrick provides the “why”, framework, and case study in: HOW TO SWITCH TO A FREEMIUM PRICING MODEL AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS
 PRODUCT: Brian Polidori, PM at Google, shares thoughts on how product managers can identify opportunities to incorporate machine learning into products in: Identifying Opportunities for Using Machine Learning as a Product Manager
 PRODUCT: Jonas Downey, designer at Basecamp, shares his personal experience of how he manages disappointment when his software designs are replaced and makes the argument that nobody “owns” anything in a product made by a team: Nobody really owns product work