Founder Reading – Monday, September 30th, 2019

MANAGEMENT: Lenny Rachitsky, Former Head of Consumer Supply Growth at Airbnb, and Nels Gilbreth, Former Head of Global Revenue Strategy at Eventbrite, share the system they call the “W Framework” which helps managers plan by walking them through each step of a planning process, highlights best practices, points out common pitfalls and more: The Secret to a Great Planning Process — Lessons from Airbnb and Eventbrite

FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Julia Enthoven, Founder and CEO at Kapwing, on why marketing innovation is as important as product innovation, what are benefits of building a website over an app, how bootstraped life compares to VC funded startup and more: The Twenty Minute VC

MANAGEMENT: Jeff Lipp, Co-Founder and COO of Artkive, shares thoughts and insights on how small businesses can improve their efficiency, and explains the importance of offering equity to employees, spending less time in micromanaging team members, using software to automate tasks and more: How small businesses can become more efficient with their time: A conversation with Jeff Lipp from Artkive

FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Ahti Heinla, Co-Founder of Skype, walks us through his inspiration and path to starting Skype, and the what and why of his new venture, Startship Technologies: Marathon Series: The co-founder of Skype joins me in Estonia