Founder Reading – Monday, September 23rd, 2019

GROWTH: Mike Volpe, CEO of, provides case studies on how SaaS companies he’s worked with have acheived growth like Privy which nails the freemium model, HubSpot which which focuses on timing and content, Cybereason which builds trust with human connection and more: How CEO Mike Volpe Found the Keys to Success and Growth

FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Immad Akhund, Founder & CEO of Mercury, shares thoughts and insights on why angel investing makes founders better operators, the best way for founders to discuss and present competition to investors, how to think about your initial wedge into the market and how to expand it over time and more: The Twenty Minute VC

GROWTH: Marc Barros, Co-Founder of Moment, recounts the success of their YouTube channel which reached 22.4 million video views over 18 months, why they chose a vlogger approach in their content, the best practices in producing videos to attract audience which in time should lead to better customers and more: How We Built a Million-Dollar YouTube Channel

BRANDING: Louis Coppey, Venture Capitalist at Point Nine Capital, offers thoughts on the importance of branding for early-stage SaaS company, the different steps of the branding process, the hierarchy of business needs and more: a

COMMUNITY: Jason Lemkin, Founder of SaaStr, offers tips on how to create a community which include prioritizing quality content over quantity, incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) that matters, focus on your superfans or those folks that write or tweet about your channel and more: 10 Learnings On How To Build Your Own Community

FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Markus Villig, Founder of Bolt, recounts how he built Bolt to a billion dollar valuation at age 25, how the company uses technology to enhance their services, the influence of his brother in founding the business, his inspirations and more: Marathon Series: Bolt and the Estonian founder with a billion dollar valuation at age 25

FUNDRAISING: Carolynn Levy, Partner at Y Combinator, details the basics of startup financing, how modern early stage rounds of financing are done using convertible securities like SAFEs, why convertible promissory notes are a better way to fund early-stage startups and more: Carolynn Levy – Modern Startup Financing