Founder Reading – Monday, May 28th

STRATEGY: How do you know if your brilliant new feature has worked out? How do you know if it has failed and you need to kill it? Scott Middleton of answers these questions and more in: “How to Set a Success Criteria For Launching New Products”

STRATEGY: Rob Go of Nextview Ventures describes the importance of doing one thing well vs. competing by doing a lot of things in: “Avoid Swiss Army Knives”

STRATEGY: How big of a market do you need to bootstrap a successful software business? Justin Jackson answers this question and more in: “THE MYTH OF THE NICHE MARKET”

SALES: Sammy Abdullah of Blossom Street Ventures on sales strategy in greenfield markets in: “Creating a new market”

PRICING: How do you set your subscription pricing? Patrick Campbell of Profitwell answers this question by providing the pros and cons of four of the most popular subscription pricing models in: “THE MOST COMMON SUBSCRIPTION PRICING MODELS, AND THE ONLY ONE YOU SHOULD BE USING”

FUNDRAISING: Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures on how new fundraises affect the value of your employee’s stock options, and the importance of hiring before your next round in: “BEFORE YOU RAISE A ROUND OF FUNDING, ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION”