Founder Reading – Monday, June 3rd, 2019

FUNDRAISING: Ash Rust, Managing Partner @Sterling Road, provides highly tactical Do’s and Don’ts of raising a seed round in: “Seed Fundraising — Meeting Requirements”

FUNDRAISING: Elizabeth Yin, Managing Partner at Hustle Fund, provides the pros and cons of raising a seed round with a SAFE in: ‘To SAFE or Not to SAFE?”

STRATEGY: For B2B businesses, being the market leader provides a competitive moat that can provide increasing returns. Dave Kellogg, former CEO of Host Analytics, lays out why this dynamic exists, and how to leverage it for your business in: “The Market Leader Play: How to Run It, How to Respond”

FOUNDER STORY: Kulveer Taggar, Founder @ Zeus Living, is interviewed by 20VC on everything from idea generation, validation and his fundraising ($14m raised for Zeus Living, and more for a startup he co-founded and exited with one of the founders of Stripe) in: “WHY YOU MUST HAVE A CUSTOMER ACQUISITION STRATEGY FROM DAY 1, HOW TO TEST AND VALIDATE IDEAS AT SPEED & WHY YOU SHOULD SPEAK TO INVESTORS BEFORE STARTING WORK ON YOUR IDEA WITH KULVEER TAGGAR, FOUNDER & CEO @ ZEUS LIVING”