Founder Reading – Friday, June 14th, 2019

GROWTH: Brad Plothow, senior marketing and communications executive at Womply, details a step-by-step guide on how they built their in-house PR engine which reeled them 1,300 unique press stories in 18 months in: How My Startup Used Data to Get 1,300 Press Hits with No PR Agency

SAAS: Tomasz Tunguz, Managing Director at Redpoint Ventures, shares analysis and thoughts on how SaaS companies use free trials to acquire customers. His discusses why you shouldn’t do more than a 14 day free trial, always do sales assisted free trials and more in: Top 10 Learnings about Free Trials with Tomasz Tunguz (Video + Transcript)

STRATEGY: Sasha Poljak, executive chairman of Ximble, details the successful exit of Ximble to Paycor, and shares insights on why the company choose strategic investment over traditional venture, product over market share, its technology platform and more in: Lessons from Ximble’s exit

STRATEGY: Boris Wertz, founding partner at Version One Ventures, shares thoughts about the “flywheel effect” explained in Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great,” and makes an argument that it should be read by every founder, CEO and business leader in: Finding and turning your flywheel

ECOMMERCE: Lee Hower, co-founder and partner at NextView Ventures, shares insights on the success of pet e-commerce company Chewy, and outlines how the recurring nature of customer purchases helps to drive Chewy’s rapid growth, and explains how they’ve capitalized on this in: Chewy S-1: Category Leadership + Conveyor Belt Into Consumers’ Homes

SALES: Sujan Patel, co-founder of Mailshake, discusses the 4-step process for sales referrals, which include when to ask for referrals, how to automate the referral process, why make referrals part of your playbook and more in: The Elegant 4-Step Process Any Rep Can Use to Ask for Referrals (PLUS Templates)

FOUNDER INTERVIEW: Julian Shapiro, founder of Bell Curve, shares thoughts on how he does marketing for some of the best tech companies in San Francisco, California in: How Julian Shaprio’s Bell Curve does marketing for some of the best tech companies in San Francisco