Founder Reading – Monday, June 10th, 2019

FUNDRAISING: Rob Go of NextView Ventures discusses three unique paths he has recently observed founders succeed with in getting to series A funding round in: “The Road Less Traveled: Non-Standard Early Stage Funding Paths”

FOUNDER STORY: Zach Perret, Founder of Plaid ($300m in funding), is interviewed by 20VC and discusses how to create an effective recruiting process, what great leadership looks like, how he went from consulting to building a startup, and more in: “PLAID’S ZACH PERRET ON WHY YOU HAVE TO HIRE FOR SPIKES AND WHAT THAT REALLY MEANS, FINTECH PREDICTIONS FROM INCUMBENT ENTRANTS TO THE RISE OF EUROPE & THE 2 BIG QUESTIONS THAT CEOS SHOULD ASK THEMSELVES”

STRATEGY: Sammy Abdullah of Blossom Street Ventures provides 29 lessons learned after reading “By Invitation Only,” a recount of the experience of building Gilt into a billion dollar business. His points are mostly about branding but many are strategy, growth and more: “Building an online brand”

HIRING: Luke Baseda of Lightspeed Venture Partners argues that measuring interview hours per hire can help startups create an interview process that is both predictive of employee success and as efficient as possible in: “The Critical Hiring Metric”

MANAGEMENT: David Beisel of NextView Ventures provides remarks about how “some founders have a remarkable and uncanny ability to supersede that reality to make near-impossible things happen despite the existing facts on the ground” in: “Defying Gravity”

SALES: Karen Rhorer, Customer Success & Sales Strategy Lead at Atrium, is interviewed by the Bowery Capital Podcast and discusses first principles and how to think about the basics of the quarterly business reviews, shares the QBR template that she uses with her team and with founders she coaches and more in: “From Good To Great: Transforming Your QBR Process with Karen Rhorer (Atrium)”

METRICS: Alex Iskoldhow of 2048 ventures shows how to set up a simple, actionable dashboard for Pre-seed and Seed-stage startups in: “How to setup KPI Dashboard for your Pre-seed and Seed Stage Startup”