Founder Reading – Friday, September 27th, 2019

EXITS: Joe Procopio of Intrepid Media offers step-by-step guide on how to generate and respond to acquisition interest which include building relationships with potential acquirers, getting a lawyer involved to protect the company’s interests, letting the acquisitor make the first offer and more:  How To Get Your Startup Acquired: A Step by Step Guide

SAAS: Einar Vollset, Founder of TinySeed, discusses the endless potential of SaaS businesses, how a founder should choose to exit a company, why merger and acquisition (M&A) brokers are moving into the SaaS space, the investment thesis behind and more: The Limitless SaaS Space With Einar Vollset from

LEADERSHIP: Ali Rowghani, CEO of the YC Continuity Fund, on how founders an lead, motivate and retain good people in: Ali Rowghani – How to Lead

PRODUCT: Dee Reddy and Fiona Lee of Intercom provide practical advice on building platforms, how founders can support developers, how to ensure customers and partners get mutual value, how to measure success and more: Beyond the hype: Practical advice on building a platform

FUNDRAISING: Matt Preuss of Visible on how employees think about their company’s funding and why employees typically want to see the valuation of the company moving up and to the right direction, outside of the direct financial reward: How Employees Think About a Fundraise

PRICING: Patrick Campbell of ProfitWell makes the argument that pricing objective sets the course of a company’s pricing strategy and can mean the difference between the success and failure of a SaaS business, and further explains the pricing objectives for SaaS companies- to maximize profit, beat competition, extend customer contracts: PRICING OBJECTIVES FOR GROWTH: CHOOSING THE BEST FOR YOUR BUSINESS