Founder Reading – Friday, May 31st, 2019

GROWTH: Dayana Mayfield of GoSquared  on how to bridge the activities you perform to create awareness to the activities that create conversions in: “Do you know your middle-of-the-funnel 

GROWTH: Juan Campos, Founder of Nomad App, provides a highly tactical case on how he grew the company’s Facebook following to 70,000 in one year with $700USD in spend in: “FACEBOOK MARKETING GROWTH HACKS, KNOW IT!”

GROWTH: Brock Benefiel of Visible VC answers the questions, “what makes a good product lead growth strategy,” and “is product lead growth the right strategy for your business,” in: “How SaaS Companies Can Best Leverage a Product-led Growth Strategy”

SALES: Tomaz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures provides analysis on which sales team members you should invest training and development resources in: “AS YOUR SALES TEAM SCALES, FOCUS ON YOUR MIDDLE”

PRICING: Joe Procopio, serial entrepreneur, provides three case examples where peak pricing can solve usage challenges in: “How To Change Customer Behavior With Peak Pricing”