MANAGEMENT: Dave Kellogg, former CEO of Host Analytics and angel investor, on fundraising, building the right team, managing the board and more in: “The Top 5 Questions Every CEO Wrestles With – Lessons From Host Analytics (Video + Transcript)”

SALES: Ton Dobbe, consultant, communicates the importance of selling an idea, naming the villain and creating an emotional experience while selling in: “You should not be selling a product — really”

HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: Chelsea MacDonald, Head of People Operations at Ada Support, is interviewed by Angela Tran Kingyens of Version One on why organizations need a Head of People, how this role is different from Head of HR, key qualities and experiences to look for in a candidate and more in: “What does a Head of People do? Learning from Ada’s Chelsea MacDonald”

FUNDRAISING: Elizabeth Yin of Hustle Fund on the mindset, and customer development process that helped her to raise funding both for her startup and her venture fund in: “The #1 thing most people do wrong when they fundraise”

INTERNATIONALISATION: Skyscanner reflects the culture, mindset, and approach to product market fit in new markets that enabled them to successfully scale internationally in: “Scaling Skyscanner, Part III: International Ambition”