Founder Reading – Friday, June 28th, 2019

PRODUCT: Sequoia Capital’s Data Science team discusses how to leverage product data to build a story that helps entrepreneurs understand where their products are succeeding and failing in: Understanding Products Through Storytelling

STRATEGY: Jackie Vullinghs of Airtree discusses the ways a business can build structural advantage into their business model, and explains how Wal-Mart, Amazon, Uber and others make use of them in: What is your unfair advantage?

PRODUCT: Joe Procopio, Founder of Intrepid Media, shares thoughts on how to put a product team together, and identifies key points related to leadership, engineering data, services and more in: How To Put a Product Team Together

PRICING: Mike Volpe, CEO of, discusses pricing strategies that will contribute to short- and long-term success of SaaS companies, and makes the point that the best pricing strategy is one that considers things from customer’s perspectives in: SaaS Pricing Strategies for Short- and Long-term Success

CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Sammy Abdullah, Co-Founder of Blossom Street Ventures, gives key points that SaaS businesses can use to create excellent customer retention and upsells which include valuing customer feedback, adding new features, avoiding the upfront fee for onboarding and more in: 12 commandments of customer success

SALES: Tim Darling of Medium shares thoughts and insights on how to develop a sales engine, and conveys the idea that startups need to focus more on a buyer and user need instead on technology in: How to Develop the 2nd Product Your Startup Needs: A Sales Engine

PRICING: Patrick Campbell, CEO at ProfitWell, explains the importance for SaaS companies to understand and choose the right pricing method, and discusses different pricing practices like demand-based pricing, cost-plus pricing, competitor-based pricing and more in: UNDERSTANDING AND CHOOSING THE RIGHT PRICING METHOD FOR YOUR BUSINESS

INVESTOR MANAGEMENT: Brock Benefiel, Co-Founder of Visible, explains the need for businesses to better rank their investors, and makes the point that doing it right can spur increased engagement from their investors and better to illustrate their additional needs from the board in: Why you Should Rank Your Investors

GROWTH: Sean Ellis, Co-Author of Hacking Growth, discusses the key factors for building a successful startup which include achieving strong product/market fit, experimenting to figure out how to scale growth, leadership and more in: Three Key Factors for Building a Successful Growth Organization

STRATEGY: Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh of Greylock Partners focus on the threats that blitzscalers need to watch out for as they scale, and offer tips on how to identify such threats and address them before they derail the company in: Blitzscaling Strategy | Identifying and Addressing Major Threats

PRODUCT: Des Traynor, Co-Founder of Intercom, and Paul Adams, Intercom’s SVP of Product, discuss how to encourage effective decision-making when building and releasing products, and explain the typical cadence of product meetings and how they work in their company in: Intercom on Product: The most valuable meetings for building product