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Popular Topics Include:

  • Fundraising
  • Growth
  • Sales/Sales Management
  • SAAS
  • Product
  • Recruitment
  • UX
  • Investor Management
  • Company Culture Design
  • Marketplaces
  • Founder Journeys
  • Pricing
  • Organizational design
  • More

Popular Contributors Include:

  • First Round Review, Investor: Uber, Warby Parker, etc
  • Ycombinator, Incubator: Airbnb, Dropbox, etc
  • Andrew Chen, Investor @a16z, lead growth @Uber
  • Brian Balfour, lead growth @Hubspot 
  • Mark Suster, Investor @Upfront VC
  • Reid Hoffman, Founder @Linkedin, Investor @Greylock
  • Elizabeth Yin, Founder @Launchbit, Investor @Hustle Fund
  • Tomasz Tunguz, Investor @Redpoint: Netflix, Stripe, etc 
  • Sarah Tavel, Investor @Benchmark, Product @Pinterest
  • Product School, Publication
  • Cindy Alvarez, Head of UX @Yammer
  • David Skok, Entrepreneur, Investor @Matrix Partners
  • Andreessen Horowitz, Investor: Facebook, Github, etc
  • More

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Bill Gates

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Warren Buffet

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